Tom Smith


I cut my computational teeth with a training fellowship at CGAT, Oxford. In my current position with Prof Kathryn Lilley (Cambridge) I'm integrating transcriptomics and proteomics to interrogate RNA trafficking and localised translation. I'm also working on elucidating the functions of lysine acylation, and continuing to co-develop UMI-tools for error-aware analysis of high throughput sequencing data with unique molecular barcodes (

My main interests are around the regulation of gene expression. More specifically, I'm interested in the functionality (or otherwise) of alternative splicing transcripts and co-translational processes regulating RNA and protein localisation.

Like many scientist, I'm easy to annoy. The things that annoy me most in order are: 1. The misconception that evolution drives towards perfect solutions. 2. That (1) leads to the idea that most non-coding DNA "must" have a function despite decades of evidence to the contrary. 3. New labels and terms to "sex" up the science. 4. People with too many peeves.

You can email at, especially if you hear of a passing bandwagon with space for more passengers ;)

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