T s u f A

Dubai, UAE

Tsufa Fashion LLC
Business consulting - fashion and apparel
(Dubai, UAE)


1996 1st fashion show (model)
1998 fashion show (choreographer)
2002 Graduation - fashion design
2005 Fashion show (organiser & choreographer)
2005 Tsufa boutique (CANADA)
2007 CTV news - charity
2007 Award from Gov't of Canada - first eco-friendly garment
2010 Dubai In Design - blog
2012 Tsufa Fashion LLC (UAE) Business Consulting

I have learned the tricks of the trade through trial-and-error method and through others that I had worked for and worked with who were more experienced and kind enough to pass their trade secrets on to me for which I am eternally grateful.

. . and so Dubai In Design was born.

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