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I am a married mother of four whose hobbies include learning biblical Hebrew, reading the KJV Bible,
watching kdramas/jdramas, reading paranormal shifter romance books and listening to all kinds of music. I also have a 7 yr. old Pitbull (Jaxx) who is my heart. My daily life is battling Chronic Sarcoidosis and all that it comes with. I am a Chronic Sarcoidosis Warrior and Advocate. I've been battling this very debilitating disease for about 22 yrs. and decided to help others right by providing educational information on this forum "Lynn's World's" in 2001. I was awarded The Sarcoidosis Golden Lifesaver Award in 2003 for my support community. I started the Marilyn's Fight for Life KICK Sarcoidosis Campaign to help raise awareness in 2014 and I am a member of several Sarcoidosis support groups via social media. I thank my Elohiym for my family and friends who have been my support system and without them, I don't know how I could've made it this far. Please help to Support Sarcoidosis Awareness by making a donation to fund the research for a CURE for this debilitating and deadly disease. In spite of what many think, have heard or read on google; SARCOIDOSIS can kill. Many celebrities have succumbed to this disease and attention has still not announced its prevalence. Please help to raise awareness about Sarcoidosis because it is a rare, underfunded, debilitating and deadly disease. You can find more information by visiting the Foundation for Sarcoidosis Research website at:
Click on the "Marilyn's Fight for Life Campaign" logo and donate please.
Also, look out for which showcases several Patient stories as well as information about Sarcoidosis.

I listen to all genres of music but I have to admit that I am a huge fan of my son KJ McNeill (Neo Soul/R&B), daughter Ka'miko (Neo Soul/R&B), daughter Hadar McNeill (Pop) and the maestro my hubby, Karl McNeill Sr. (Jazz/R&B/Funk) along with Asian artists like:
RAIN (Official Cloud Member)
Lee Hi
Tiger JK & Mirah
BigBang (T.O.P., GDragon, Daesung, Taeyang and Seungri)
and many, many more ^_^

My husband and children are all professional musicians as well a recording artists in the U.S.A. We operate our own independent record label (KMSR Enterprises) and also operate a recording studio where we write, record and produce for serious artists in all genres. Please support small businesses and Independent artists, i.e; The Olympicks, Actual Muzik, KJ McNeill, Ka'miko McNeill, Karl McNeill Sr.

Again, I ask that you please make a donation to the link above to help fund Sarcoidosis research to help find a cure. We Warrior's will truly be in debt. 💜❄💜❄💜❄😊

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