England, Macclefield

My name is Calum or Tyke, I am a professional musician specializing in drumming and DJ'ing/Mixing.

Alongside this I am also an accomplished writer who mainly writes poetry and stories, I already have a few books in the progress of creation and I also really enjoy journalism and reviewing.
My creativity also reaches drawing and painting, I often draw anthropomorphic characters and enjoy a variety of different styles of art.
My interest in anthropomorphic creatures goes as far as my involvement in the Furry Fandom, I am a proud furry who's character is named Tyke: a husky wolf mix with a large bushy tail.
I also have a few personal studies of my own, my main study is of Canis Lupusology, I am very adept in the knowledge in this subject and know a vast amount about wolves, the studies are very much progressed with my love for the canine species but especially wolves.

I play by a simply phrase, Do all you can when you can and enjoy it! as such I have always gone out of my way to try as many new things as I can, some of them have stuck.

Tyke - Musician, artist, writer, friend.

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