Young Singer ☕

The Internets...

I prooomise I won't leave this time. I've been such a letdown.
I hope and PRAY to start an animation channel.
I'd like to see your art! I need all the inspiration I can find, dm me on discord :
Rae ☕ #3755
You can also add me on pop with my new account (Trying to find my old one... Heh)
The ironic thing is, Young Singer ~popped~ up as a new name.
I also play minecraft.. a LOT. My in-game name is Its_Rae, and I play on Hypixel, Mineplex, and Team Extreme, but my most visited server is
I aaaalso have an Enjin account, which is at
I think that's all you have to know about me.
Keep Popping! And Crafting..? Poptropi-crafters? I don't know.
Just keep playing!