US Key Service

5301 S. Superstition Mountain Road Suite 104-401

US Key Services is an automotive locksmith company servicing the Phoenix Metro Area, providing quality work at affordable prices.

US Key Service has a long history of providing auto locksmith services. In 1972, Bill and Olga Thilgen started their first locksmith company based out of southern California called Arkco Security Co. During that same year Tom Thilgen, Bill and Olga's son, came on board and the family unit was created.

In 1973 Arkco Security Co. was awarded a Southern California Auto Club contract to provide their members with lockout and locksmith service. Arkco added 6 more employees and 7 more service vehicles to accomodate the growing business.

In 1997, Bill and Olga Thilgen retired and Tom Thilgen continued to run the company until 2007 when it was sold. Meanwhile Tom had started his own company in 2005,American Lock Service Enterprises LLC in Phoeniz, AZ. He continued to run both companies until 2007 when Arkco Security Co. was sold.

In 2007, Tom moved to Phoenix and created a sub company called US Key Service. Later that year Tom was awarded a contract with Arizona Auto Club to provide it's members with lockout and locksmith service. US Key Service continues to providing it's customers with the latest automotive lock and key service.