I am an interior designer by trade and I have owned my design firm since 1990, serving a variegated group of fun people.

My passion is to envision things and spaces that do not exist yet, design and create them. I love to design custom furniture, which I always manage to produce locally with clever artisans.

I especially love colors. My life is a continuous evolvement of colorful events. As matter of fact my life is so colorful that one day I crossed the ocean from Italy all by myself and decided to go live in California. I must have had a nerve in my tooth that day! I was so courageous and here I am, so many moons later, working and breathing my beautiful design business.

I am a lifetime designer. My two passions, fashion and interiors, have helped me making a superb living, but then I love colors and colorful food. People describe me as "the colorist". Oh, yes, I like it! Nothing around me is dull and boring. I color my clients' homes when they allow me, otherwise they will live in a dull environment, but don't get me wrong, I love them all, even if they like beige tones.

I have made many appearances on T.V. for the shows:
“On The Town" - "Colorful Journey Of Success" - "That's Italian" - "Christmas Around The World at Historic Ainsley House".

Many times I have been interviewed on the BlogTalkRadio and my show "Valentina Design Universe" now airs every first Thursday of every month.

I also filmed a design show for an Italian T.V. Station, where I was the host and the featured designer on the show.

My projects have been featured and published on major publications:
Vogue magazine in Italy
Gentry South and Gentry Peninsula
California Home and Design
……..and many more.

In my spear time and with my high level of energy, I dedicate my time to community’s worthy causes, paint pictures, write articles, blogs and books, I read in four languages, travel and trot the world extensively.
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I cook every day, because I care about what goes into my stomach, more than what goes into my car. Due to my many years of food knowledge, I became the author of two published books on regional Italian cuisine.

I am also the author of the book #3 on the subject of Colors:
©RED - A Voyage Into Colors. All my three books are available on
Barnes & Nobles:

My books are also available through my publisher:
1. Come Mia Nonna-A Return To Simplicity.
2. Sins OF A Queen
3. Red-A Voyage Into Colors

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