Hello my name is Kim and I am the founder of Biz Lab Online and I have happily married to James forever, and that's a long time. We have 3 wonderful and amazing children Brooke, Cameron and Leyton.

We share our home with our cat Fifi who has really bad catitude problem and Seuz, our baby Staffy.

I have been self employed for the last 18 years in the areas of Property Law and Internet Marketing. I out grew my offline Legal Business in 2013 and found a passion for everything Internet. I spent a solid 3 years learning everything I could about the wonderful world of the Internet and decided to change my career path and leave Property Law where I had practiced for 30 years. I am now a fulltime Internet Marketing Addict plus have a love of coffee.

I love the creativity and diversity of the Internet. I am passionate to share my experiences through my site Biz Lab Online has been developed to provide training in all areas of the Internet to help beginners and intermediates learn the fundamentals about starting an Internet Business and Career.

I can also help you with any Web Designing just visit

More importantly I want to help and inspire people to believe in themselves and take a leap of faith.

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