The Wilder’s life has always veered between art and politics. When they partnered in the late 1990's, Kimberly and Ian ratcheted up their activities. Together, Ian and Kimberly Wilder published chapbooks; gave dozen of poetry readings; published poetry; wrote newspaper articles; and hosted events. At a master class in poetry, Mark Rudman proclaimed of Kimberly: "Distemper is your muse." At another master class, Yevegeny Yevtushenko proclaimed that Ian's snowflake poem is "perfect." One of the most memorable readings the Wilders gave was as a group with George Wallace and Kate Kelly at the Lowell, Massachusetts Kerouac festival. Ian has performed spoken word as a part of the near-mythic folk groovin’ band Nylon & Steel, and was co-founding lyricist for the duo Spiritwalkers. His work with Nylon & Steel can be found on the album “Slip Behind the Molecule”. With Nader’s 2000 presidential campaign, the Wilders were drawn back into politics. Within four years they had co-founded the Babylon Greens at their kitchen table; run the first full ticket of Greens in their town’s history; got Kimberly twice elected to the Executive Committee of Green Party of New York State; and then Ian to the position of GPNYS State Party Co-chair

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