World Wide Waco

Washington D.C.

I came to Washington D.C. on Oct. 3 2012 to protest regarding the 20 year ablation of my supposed GOD given right to DUE process. I was able to maintain my protest until March 28 2013 when in the middle of the night the supreme court police broke my rib, hoping I would fight back and give them a reason to remove me, this actually ended up being a positive because now the supreme court finally wants to hear from me and if they just wanted to leave me twisting in the wind for another 21 years then they would continue to just ignore me- so I am hoping the ORIGINAL JURISDICTION CASE will finally be heard.

I have one page on my WORDPRESS Blog dedicated to my case, the protest, and what current events are taking place- the cases status if you want to follow along. (To visit the blog just click on the last icon under links for World Wide Waco) I am homeless and just lost all my tools for the umpteenth time as the black supremacists of D.C. have teamed up with the white supremacists, mormons, jews, and british loyalists to endeavor to keep the case from being heard by continuing to destroy my life and every chance I get to finally be heard. In addition I am about to lose all my property that I had in storage as the time has run up on what I earned by working for storage for my stuff before I came up here to D.C. to try and be heard- really did not know it would be this difficult for me and it would take this long.

So right now I am homeless and again have no tools to even trade someone work for a place to live while working on my case.

I will post pictures and blog about the status of the case when I can.

there are 3 things I would like everyone who visits my site to take away with them when they leave:

1 AFFIRMATION of GOD given rights for ALL people all the time everywhere- no exceptions, no debates, no qualifications and the AFFIRMATION of the CONSTITUTIONAL restraint on government powers

2. A deeper understanding of the issues of our day and/or a deeper commitment to initiate dialogue in your community to restore community the ONLY way community can be restored on the GOOD foundation of dialogue geared to arriving at the TRUTH the whole TRUTH and nothing but the TRUTH.
also please leave with an open mind and desire to do your own research into these issues

3. Confidence, Hope, and Faith.
It is true that we live in a dark age and the things going on in our country and our world are beyond description in their egregiousness- there have been other dark ages.
Have ALL CONFIDENCE because the TRUTH has a power all it's own- history has demonstrated time & again that even when they KILL the speaker of truth- the TRUTH they spoke does not die...truly they wage a war against the flesh and cannot prevail against the spirit or against the TRUTH- they have anti-purposes not actual purposes & jesus IS THE TRUTH and though they KILL the flesh and have victory over your calling KILLING christ- the BODY they do not and cannot have victory over the spirit or KILL the TRUTH. The final victory was already gained in the beginning before any of us were called into being by GOD since they cannot KILL the victor how then can they KILL the victory already gained. So have ALL CONFIDENCE in the victor and his victory...GOD said amen already before you even came into being and all you have to say is amen to that victory and the victor and his victory becomes yours...that is how much GOD loves you- he made it that EASY.
If you then have this confidence in the victory ALREADY won and the victor who achieved his victory before anything even came into being a victor whose flesh and body they continually have earthly victory over yet ALWAYS FAIL to have spiritual triumph over...then is there reason for you not to also have ALL HOPE? They try and KILL hope for if hope dies then surely faith will also die...they purposefully dangle you promising you hope and then crushing that hope over & over again...every abuser uses the same formula- you think that they want to destroy your hope- and yet that is not the WHOLE TRUTH and therefore it is NOT the TRUTH for they only KILL hope as a means to endeavor to KILL faith...EVERY form of abuse is EXACTLY THE SAME and every ABUSER is using the EXACT SAME formula- they first KILL your hope and then expect that they can KILL your faith...yet what is the nature of faith that they do not ever attack it directly? Why is it that they must always KILL hope FIRST...I do not think they are arduous workers for love of the work...I believe they know something you have not discovered yet- something they NEVER want you to find out: Faith grows the more you use is a very interesting resource...if you do not use faith it is depleted even though without having ever used it or even acknowledged it you are FULL TO THE BRIM WITH FAITH...GOD did that- he gave you an OVERFLOWING never ceasing waterfall of faith that really never stops running- think torrential downpour...or Niagara by simply invoking faith...what do you know faith grows and grows all on its they cannot KILL faith just as they cannot KILL the spirit- they MUST GET YOU TO SURRENDER IT- same as they get you to surrender your GOD given rights or even your that is the secret that the abusers do not want you to know- they KILL hope because they CAN KILL HOPE- YES THEY CAN...but they do so because they cannot KILL faith directly- they have to put you in a condition of despair so they can they get you to surrender it yourself...SO HAVE ALL CONFIDENCE in the victor and his victory that can never be undone and have ALL FAITH for faith can also never be KILLED even by these ignorant imbeciles and their world wide army of christ killing white, black, & jew supremacists the british, mormon, mason, rich, powerful, 'beautiful' is all the same their supremacy is a monstrous turd of a lie...So know this you need not have your hope die your FAITH inviolate can be the foundation that your hope is built on and now you fool them instead of they fooling you...and when they make their false promises just to break them so as to crush you into a state of despair so that they can get you to surrender your faith...HAVE ALL FAITH AND KNOW THAT IN SO HAVING THEN HOPE IS YOURS AS WELL.

Simple stuff if you think about it...really

So I hope you will leave my blog with these three things and if so I believe that the present dark age will eventually give way to light.

I noticed something growing up: everybody always wanted to be older or younger than they were...the kids all wanted to drive, or get work to have cash, or have there own house and be their own boss...they could not wait to become 16 and get their first drivers license, could not wait to become 21 to vote, could not wait to graduate college...and the older folks...they all wanted to be young again...boy I sure wished I was 7 again when I had no cares in the world- they say...oh I wish I was 18 so I could choose a different career path...oh I wish I had waited until I was older to get married & have kids....yup everybody wanting to be any age as long as it was not the age they were already...
absurdity: THIS IS THE DAY THAT GOD HAS dark ages you get to be heroic battling the forces of evil- and they are wicked evil...fighting to bring light back into being...their is a lot to be said about our times that is very a nauseating inducing way to be sure...but there it is...
Regardless of whether we see the light in our day we will continue to work towards light manifesting it in the next generations day...and if ever we should eke out a victory...then YES CELEBRATE and say amen...for this IS your day and IT IS the day that GOD has made...despite the mormon kkk bible dumping british sas ulster orange nazi commie left & right wing socialist masonic jew black & white supremacist army of satan destroying EVERYTHING they can all in servitude to the father of all lies who is satan and their anti-purpose program that essentially is the denial and killing of christ...but again their victory is over the flesh...and so remember this always and never forget YES THEY CAN triumph over the flesh but the spirit they cannot they WILL NEVER TOUCH...FACT!