Hello my name is Paul and I used to write quite often and I missed it, so I decided to start this blog. I plan on publishing on Kindle with some of my specific writings. I am a bit of a wiseguy, have a mouth on me but I do curb my language in my writing but comments are another thing. My writing material is also quite varied. I hope you enjoy my posts.

I am a long island based personal trainer and coach with over 25 years of experience. I have been a multiple time County Champ in various events, a State Champion and All American in both High School and College. I have also had injuries that have aided me in understanding how to train myself and others and have helped 1000s of clients attain and surpass their goals.

I had my first certification in 1989 and my most recent is with ACSM. I work with people from all walks of life, ages, fitness goals and needs.

Hello my name is Paul McAleavey and I live in New York, specifically and sadly Suffolk County but not much longer. I am a Word press blogger, help create websites, I do marketing
and SEO.

My blogging is fairly frequent and I am very diligent in getting my work done quickly and efficiently.


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