Hey there! I'm Rachel.
I'm from Colorado and I go to school at Santa Clara University. I'm left handed, a twin, and recently convinced I am only good at being friends with boys! Please feel free to read about my life in blog form?

I like: Flannel shirts, occasional skirts, rain boots, friends of all types, messy buns, short runs, dogs, dreamy fog, hugs

I want to: post more on here, to speak fluent Spanish, travel more than I have, serve others, get rid of the natural dark circles under my eyes, actually semi keep my New Years resolutions.

Fun facts: I am quite a doodler and greeting-card maker. I wish I found writing essays as exciting as writing blog posts. I have extremely strong eyebrows. My twin brother and I look nothing alike.

You should also know: I count quality over quantity of friends. I'm an odd combination of extrovert and introvert depending on the situation. I really don't put too much effort into my appearance unless I'm super bored or there's a worthy occasion/person.