Mystic Dee

Wrote years ago and starting out again.
To another writer:
I empathize with your current position, Jeyna. I had some mild success writing in my twenties, while I was in college. From my earliest memories, I always thought that I would be a writer. Well, because of decisions that I made and the circumstances that followed, I postponed my dreams of writing. In my late twenties; I had responsibilities for my first wife and family, so I pursued making a living. With her passing, in my thirties; I married again, and again had responsibilities with a new wife. This path took me into my forties. It was not until my late forties and fifties did I return to finish college and then a graduate degree. When I retired from my job I started to think about writing. If you have it in your blood I don't think the idea of writing ever leaves you, whether you pursue it or not. Now in my sixties, I have begun to write again and am at present, working on a mystery novel. My experiences throughout my life are giving me much to draw on. If given the opportunity to do things over again, I would choose to do things the same. I cherish the memories of my families and our life together. But, I believe that I don't merely choose to write, I have to write. If you are a writer, you will write. It's just like that. Thank you for reminding me of that.