I am 69 now and help others with chronic pain, PTSD, CPTSD, agoraphobia, depression and anxiety. My journey to live peacefully and happily while having chronic pain and CPTSD

My life was consumed with pain extreme fear and a nervous system that exploded. I suffered as a victim for a while trying to find a way out. The lessons learned and that experience have guided me to help others.

My goal is to support others on their journey with directions and encouragement. My path has seen many online in discussion boards that never heal.. Coping mechanisms, disassociation, anger confuse most PTSDers to quit trying. Avoidance can lead to agoraphobia.

A therapist once told me that you could go down to far and never get back. That is always in my head. My journey has lead me to a life now void of any symptoms or very little. My actions and life are normal again to the eyes of most people. My path has made me appreciate my trauma and abuse as training for this challenge. I have accepted and embraced my abuse for what it is and see all the benefits I gained from the experience. My willpower, determination and discipline are well developed and suited perfectly to live freely with chronic pain and CPTSD.

I am not a therapist but more of a coach for you. Therapists are great and a good one is key. However you only visit a therapist maybe once a week. That is one hour a week or maybe every two weeks. PTSD is much more resilient and powerful to be cured with that amount of effort. I can help fill in those others times when you are alone.

You will heal yourself from inside. Timing is up to you.