The name 1 Pamper Queen is one of the ways I remind myself to take care of me today. My goal is to take care of myself so good today that I am crowned 1 Pamper Queen. What happened was I got so busy for a few years that I forgot to take care of myself. Wow was that a rude awakening and quite embarrassing, I had really fallen apart so to speak. I realized, rudely I might add, that I had to do it for myself, no one else could. Nor could I take care of my love ones very well if I had not taken care of myself first. I would absolutely love y'all to join me everyday making a conscious decision to take care of ourselves so good today that we are each crowned 1 Pamper Queen. It's really fun and wow I feel so much better, I know you will to. Since I forgot for awhile what taking care of myself actually means I am studying up on the different ways to take care of ourselves. I'm excited to share all the good news with you and the goodies that will help us all take care of ourselves and our love ones.