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Native American Beader of the Sinixt/Lakes Tribe of the Colville Confederated Tribes.
Writer/Poet/Lyricist & Photographer; disabled due to health issues. Pragmatic: Dealing with the problems that exist in a specific situation in a reasonable and logical way instead of depending on ideas and theories. I am an introvert and often mistaken for being shy, when around a group of people. I am quirky in my own right, compassionate, honest, insightful, perceptive, intellectual, independent & laugh-at-life humor (look for the absurd in the situation — and then laugh about it; able to laugh alone as well). People like to be around me because of my sunny outlook.~ * Bright Sparkly Smile* ♛ ☺ ♬ "Create, Inspire, Reach, Dream, Achieve, Live, Laugh, Love, Smile, Give, Teach, Experience, and Be!" ♬ ☺ ♛

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