Stroud, UK

I am a 59 year old American expat who has been living in Britain for the past 25 years. (I didn't fit in with 80s Regan America.) A teacher by qualification, I currently work with adults with autism and truly love it. I have just written a book about heavy metal in the 1980's titled "Rock and Roll Children," which is now going through the publishing process. I was inspired to write this book because of presentations about the 80s music that either portrays heavy metal as unimportant or claims it never really existed. Therefore, "Rock and Roll Children" is my rebuttal to those claims. I also served in the USMC from 1979-83 where I just missed going to Lebanon, only to see my old unit get blown up 4 months after I got out. I think it's sad how it seems that those who served in Lebanon have been swept under the carpet by most of America.

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