I dont trust the net much, so I tend to not put very much info on it like i used to.

I'm a girl in my 20's, I have a love for anime/manga, video games, furniture, and stories in general. I have some odd trauma relating to death and torture of innocents, so avoid such topics. My sanity is questioned on a daily basis by even my closest friends, but don't worry its the "safe" kind.... really! I am also known as the typo queen, sometimes missing every SINGLE letter in a sentence due to split attention. I tend to be on the wild side and a bit odd, but you'll be entertained at least.

god this feels like a personal ad now.... and on that note:
I do NOT like random retarded lonely boys finding my contact info and asking for sex, like seriously, girl on the internet does not mean pounce. I have few secrets from friends, and I welcome new friends when they come. Feel free to IM me if you want, I get ALOT of above mentioned loosers and spam IMs so I get suspicious with unknown IMs, dont mind it.

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