R.D. Frable

The Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, USA

I am a simultaneous member of two sets of people thought to be distinct from each other, and face an uncertain future for that reason.

One is users of homeopathic remedies, based on a philosophy born in central Europe around 1800; its bases are the single remedy, in *the minimum dose*, according to the totality of the patient's symptoms; they are endangered in America because a recent President and his followers perceive them as a threat to the survival of corporate-driven, micromanaged, insurance-governed "American" health care, a concept thrust upon many more nations than ours.

The other is the disabled poor, which one side of the American political aisle wants to continue suffering their whole lives, and the other can't decide on how to help because each person's situation is different.

Complicating my situation further is the fact that I live on a property that will, for reasons I do not disagree with, have to be sold soon. Aspects of my health do not allow me the freedom to live completely alone, so I am seeking "adoption" by some understanding, caring, *willing* person; the perfect candidate, obviously, would be a fellow user of these remedies. The sooner I connect with such a person, the better.

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