I'm retired. Barb, my wife and I'm are experienced tandem bicyclists - we owned three of them over the span of nearly 20 years. In spite of pedaling as fast as we could old age has overtaken us. Barb is in her forth year of Alzheimer's. The things she can do are very limited. At 83 I'm not far behind. So, together, we are touring the Louis & Clark Trail from St. Charles, Missouri to the mouth of the mighty Columbia River. It is a fairytale, a journey following a map and plotting our daily progress on a map published by Adventure Cycling Association.

Because of the Corona Virus I'm not allowed to visit her. But she has a cell phone and we chat several times each day. The cell phone is the means I use to keep her updated with our collective progress - me on a stationary exercise bike, she in her nursing home bed. It's not a relationship of our choice, but it's the best one at hand. So we press on.

There is an old adage stating: "No matter your destination, you will both arrive there more quickly on a tandem bicycle". Indeed. The bike and the collective effort has bonded our relationship that numbers 58 years and counting.