અભિજીત મહેતા (Abhijeet Mehta)

રાજકોટ, ગુજરાત (Rajkot, Gujarat)

Abhijeet Mehta, the youth leader, and young blogger is pursuing his degree in Mechanical Engineering from Rajkot. He started a blog writing in 2014 with a variety of topics such as poems, short stories, book reviews, movie reviews, and articles on current issues. He also published a book titled, “એ અગયાર દિવસ ની મોહમાયા”, at He does not write for the sake of writing but himself believe in the cause. He also delivers a lecture on social issues and motivational topics and did ‘Poetry Show’ across Gujarat. He believes that “Every problem has a solution we just need to apply it in a proper way.”
He has a tight grip in his Poems and by which he smoothly conveys a message about solutions for daily life problem, National Issues, Women Issues, and Behavioural Issues.
He is very much attached to social and political issues and always trying to give his best on such topics. Recently he delivered a speech on Educational Reformation and Swachchh Bharat in National Youth Festival, Greater Noida organized by NYKS, Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, GOVT of India.
He believes that people of India need to work together for growth because government is not only responsible farm for development.
His expertise is in Women Empowerment, Social Reformation, Nationalism, Human Behaviour and Self Development.

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