Abhijith Jagannath

Humans needed a force that could help understand what lies beyond the curtains of emotions. Emotions are like Grapes, they taste sour, they taste bitter & sweet, every time you have it you have something more. So how do you create a force that could bring together the fickle emotions and tie it up with words, forming a symphony of paragraphs and express it all on the paper? There the force was created, it was called poetry.
So what is poetry? It is simple:-
Choose your words,
Make it a sentence,
Let it rhyme,
You have a poem,

Sing along,
It is a lyric,
Sing aloud,
Spread some love,

They are magic,
Just play with it,
You will feel like a tantric,

Express the untold stories of the face,
The smile when you read them,
It is intangible, it is priceless.

Now to tell about me, I am a person seeking that intangible smile on your face. Being called a poet is a value addition.

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