Michael L. Yublosky

Buffalo Grove, IL

I've often been called a 'Renaissance Man'.

While working in a sales and marketing career, we launched a family business in 1990. In 2006 I started launching our first website and learning how to market organically on the internet. In 2010 I left the corporate world and began consulting in internet and LinkedIn marketing.

In 2017 My wife Judy and I started a senior adult 50+ group that met at our local park district. We met twice monthly until mid-March 2020 when we were told to shelter in place because of COVID-19. I converted our group's website to more of an informational blog and resource tool to keep our members informed on developments, to lift their spirits and keep them socially engaged. In April, 2020 we began meeting weekly on Zoom and I added a second, men's only group later that year so we could talk sports and politics.

Judy and I developed and gave a Zoom presentation of '1968 – Those Were The Days' for our group in December 2020. We have also developed Trivia games for senior adults focused on the 60's and 70's.

We also advocate for older adults without internet access and those lacking good computer and internet skills who live in our area. I am actively engaged in several online senior adult chat groups, take classes and webinars and offer advice where I can. I am currently involved with an East coast organization serving the senior adult community.

Our current mission is to help teach baby boomers and senior adults how to use computers and the internet more effectively. We help them make better use of computers, smartphones and the internet for fun, education, research, general information, good news and productivity.
We also offer entertaining and fun-filled online classes to senior living facilities, libraries, senior centers, park districts and groups.

Why Do We Do This? We believe the internet holds an unlimited collection of knowledge and entertainment for Boomers and senior adults to discover and enjoy. Think of the internet as the world’s most amazing electronic library. Think of us as reference librarians, there to help you safely and confidently explore all that this world-class library has to offer.

We're Senior Adults Teaching Senior Adults!

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