Michael L. Yublosky

Buffalo Grove, IL

My forte is uncovering potential markets for small B-2-B and service businesses that their competitors over look. I then help optimize websites and LinkedIn profiles for clients to help them grow their business through lead generation. Together we develop strategies and tactics based on their strengths and weaknesses. Along with associates, we also supply the gritty day-to-day administrative marketing needs to companies without the resources for a full time staff.

Internet marketing became a passion of mine in 2006. As an autodidact, I self taught myself to successfully launch small business WordPress web sites and blogs. I used content marketing and social media exclusively to gain organic (natural, free) results on Google through search engine optimization. Along my discovery pathways, I developed basic Photoshop skills, audio and video filming and editing skills as well as a thirst for new knowledge.

In 2009 I re-discovered LinkedIn. The platform had evolved from solely being a job seekers platform to one that welcomed small business networking and marketing as well. I quickly realized that just like Google, LinkedIn was a search engine. The same principles for getting found that worked on Google, worked on LinkedIn, only the results were faster!

I left corporate life in 2010 and entered what I call the fourth stage of my adulthood. (I am now in my fifth stage.)

Because of the impact the economy had on family members and friends, both my wife Judy and I wanted to give back and pay it forward in gratitude for all of our blessings. I started offering advice to small businesses and entrepreneurs.

However, the advice I was giving fell on deaf ears. No one listened since it was free. So I started charging and launched an internet marketing consultancy. I launched websites and practiced search engine optimization with excellent results for others.

I also volunteered at libraries and other organizations where I taught internet and LinkedIn marketing to both businesses and executive job seekers. A few years ago I slowed down work to enjoy life a bit more, get involved in my community and other activities as well as give back to my local peers.

I still do internet consulting work with a handful of select clients since I enjoy it so much and still have advice that gets results. I administer WordPress websites and Google My Business pages as well as research competitors to determine what skills and services differentiate my clients from them. Analyzing websites and LinkedIn profiles is a passion. I also write copy for blogs, edit copy and optimize both for search engine results. Along the way I teach sales skills to my customers when needed.

In 2017 My wife Judy and I started an older adult group at our local park district. We met twice monthly until mid-March 2020 when we were told to shelter in place because of COVID-19. I converted our group's website to more of an informational blog and resource tool to keep our members informed on developments, to lift their spirits and keep them socially engaged. In April, 2020 we began meeting weekly on Zoom and I added a second, men's only group later that year so we could talk sports and politics.

Judy and I developed and gave a Zoom presentation of '1968 – Those Were The Days' for our group in December 2020. We have since expanded by offering it to other older adult groups at no charge. We have also developed Trivia games for seniors and have a podcast 'Seniors Chatting With Seniors'.

I am actively engaged in several online chat groups, take classes and webinars and offer advice where I can.

Judy and I also advocate for older adults without internet access and those lacking good computer and internet skills. We are working with our village, two townships and counties as well as Illinois state representatives and senators to gather and disseminate information and develop educational programs. COVID-19 has separated those with internet access from others.

In earlier times, I spent 30+ years in direct sales and marketing in both B-2-B and B-2-C arenas. I worked in human resources just out of college and then as running a family owned women's retail clothing business.

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