Los Angeles

My name is Absalom Shakur. I'm from Los Angeles California, Watts to be exact. I began writing poetry, in the mid 80's after discovering that my mother wrote and published poetry. Moms named her first published poem, Black Rose, in the late sixties. In May of 1975 on the day of my birth, she wrote a and named it, "My Little Soldier".
After writing over fifty "formless" poems I switched styles and began writing reality rap music. I still do that today and go by Elijakain.
About fifteen years ago I set out on a journey to write a fantasy novel-The Chronicles of Cordea. That didn't pan out because I lost the manuscript. Lol. I stuck tenaciously to writing rap songs, poems plays and screen plays for the next few years. It wasn't until 2012 that I'd set out to start another novel project, but this time fiction in lieu of fantasy.
After reading a couple of books by author Eric Jerome Dicky I decided to embarked upon a journey into the realm of contemporary urban with Eric as my lead man and instructor. "Urban is easy, I can do this". I remember saying to myself once.
So one late night in November of 2012 sitting at a small iron grey table In a prison cell, I began writing my first urban fiction novel called "Game Tyrants".
While incarcerated, I'd hand written six fiction novels and one creative nonfiction book. Because I've read so much on the increasing popularity of the creative nonfiction genre, my focus became cemented on that project and hope it will be my first major release under one of the big five publishers.
I'm currently in the process of typing the last pages of the creative nonfiction manuscript ,which I mentioned above, originally wrote by hand! All five-hundred and six pages.
I've also fell in love with journalistic style essay writing. This blog site is design to publish my journalistic type of writing whereas on my other site I highlight my urban fiction work. There I write under the name of Elijakain. You visit that site as well;
I play chess. Produce music
Well, that's all for now.

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