Ethiopia, Addis Ababa

My name is Wasihun Ayele (Kanu) I grew up on a farm in the highlands of Lalibela with my family of Thirteen.

Life wasn't simple, the vast fields bore witness to our curiosity. and as kid, I spent my time with my families on the farm land which demands hard work to tilling, planting, caring, fertilising and harvesting!

So, This is where I have learned to obey the rules of the land and about nature!

As i got older, i went to school and got my Diploma with Tourism, Human Resource Management and French Language.

Then after school, I quickly understood the importance of preparation, hard work, love and respect of our mother nature!

I have worked as a trekking guide for the national park of Abuna Yosef, Bale Mountain and City guide in Addis Ababa for over 5 years, leading many treks with people from all over the world. In the meantime, I am the manager of Access Eco Trekking Ethiopia Company. I want people to understand that to work in this company mean to me is truly to applied these values on my job and to my customers!

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