Accidental Masturbator

Don't jump to conclusions about this blog just because it's about sex, IT'S NOT JUST ANOTHER SEX BLOG. But ...
If you're under 18 please read something else.
If you want to find someone to have sex with please read something else.
This blog is not just about having sex, it's also about sexuality and sexual issues in general too.
There might be talk about feminism (and not mysoginistic rants about it - reasoned thought). And I might talk about sexual health. But rest assured I will be talking about sex.
Sex I've had. Sex I'd like to have. And what I think about sex. Which is a lot.
It won't be about me trying to find people to have sex with - I've got someone for that. (Or not, as you'll quickly discover.) Sometimes it will be about me, or us or Her. Or even you.
It could be dirty, loving, reflective, political, kinky or graphic. Or all of those at the same time.
But it will always be honest. (What's the point in lying to people who I'll never meet?)
If you choose to read this blog, please do so in the spirit it is intended and do please let me know what you think.