I am Acee Rubinas, a 4th year student of BA Communication Research.

Book/ Novel: Growing up, I loved reading Roald Dahl books because they were very light and fun. I especially liked Charlie and the Chocolate Factory because of how they created an imaginary world through the chocolate factory.

Film: As an avid chick flick fan, Love Rosie was my favorite movie. Even if the plot was slightly cheesy, I always see it as a light pick me up when im tired.

Media Practitioner: A media practitioner that I regard highly is Chico Garcia of the Morning Rush RX 93.1. I admire him as a broadcaster because of his very smooth voice and his ability to make conversations flow smoothly. I listen to their show on the way to school each morning.

Song/ Music/ Band/ Songwriter: I generally like Disney Songs, such as songs from High School Musical because they're nostalgic and fun to sing along to

Website: I like using youtube as both a time waster and learning tool. I specifically love watching Buzzfeed videos such as the try guys and ladylike.

Meal: I love ice cream, gelato, yogurt and anything sweet and cold. My favorite gelato is the pistachio flavor in a gelato shop called Anita

Hobbies: Boxing always allows me to release my angsts in life.