The cheesy way - I love to travel, and from now on I call myself an expert at doing it on a budget. I want to share my experiences, my thoughts and my way of discovering new land (at least for me). Or whatever I feel like. My dream is to be able to live of the life I love to live. Easy spoken- can I earn money traveling? Then I’m up for it. I am kind of restless as a person. I want things to go fast and easy. I try something new and do it very eagerly and the next moment I doubt it again. And sometimes I just put it aside. As with this blog. I think it might be possible to see here. And especially among my friends. I’m full of ideas, but less likely to actually follow through, if it’s not as easy as I wished for. But this time maybe - I’m gonna give it a new chance - and for my English speaking friends - this time I’ll try in English.