Aditya Saigaonkar

Pune, India

Currently working as Manager - Software Development with IDeaS a SAS Company since past 5 years.
The 13+ years journey initially started with work in the mechanical engineering sector and turned to IT with VERITAS (now Symantec), worked there closely with multiple product teams.
Later worked as architect with a leading US healthcare company which built products for the clients such as Johns Hopkins. With this experience and domain knowledge
successfully built a healthcare enterprise mobile product. This stint was a great learning, I really had fun building product and team from scratch.
Joined IDeaS and have been trying my best to contribute as a Developer, Mentor, Leader and Manager designing solutions for the largest product family of IDeaS with good team and great teamwork.
Lately have started to follow agile. My interests are Indian Classical music, reading, writing short poems and articles, finance and science.

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