A while back, I started this blog and it finally occurred to me that some people who know absolutely nothing about me may read this blog, and so it seems necessary to tell a little bit about myself so you will have a sense of who is writing what you are reading.
I was born at the greyhound racetrack in West Memphis, Arkansas not because momma couldn’t leave the races, but because the racetrack was where the family lived in the off season and acted as custodians to keep vandals from tearing up the place. I was born at home as many babies were back in the stone age. The family moved to Imboden, Arkansas when I was just shy of four years old. As the awkward, last child of nine in the family, and only the second girl, I grew up surrounded by boisterous boys and playing mostly by myself with my dolls and tea things. And because the four boys nearest me in age had no desire to play “girl games” I developed a host of imaginary friends with whom I held conversations at those aforementioned tea parties. It is due to these conversations that I credit my ability to talk with all of you who may as well be imaginary too, as I never actually see and converse with you except in my mind.
It is also due to the influence of the boys that I grew up with the same ability to make decisions that a child at the dog pound has who wants them all but can’t decide. The boys always thought they knew better than “baby sister” what I should do, so I grew up never being allowed to make decisions.
I was very young (16) when I married (please reference my decision-making skills in the preceding paragraph) and still young (18 and 20) when I had my two sons, who are now grown up and don’t visit with their mom nearly as often as they should. That means they are not at my house every day though they do call every day.
Not many people know that I am a published author of a bunch of books, no kidding, a bunch, like twelve or fourteen. These books are all educational workbooks used by schools and were published by the ESP Corporation. I continue to be amazed by this and I’m sure my high school English teacher is too. Not nearly as amazed as my siblings, though. I then went on to become a columnist in a local paper where I wrote what were supposed to be humorous items and the kind people in the surrounding area, not wanting to hurt my feelings, told me was good stuff.
When I’m not crafting a new blog, I spend way too much time sewing quilts, lingerie, and other items as the mood strikes. I also spend way too much time on Facebook and at the jigsaw puzzle sites online. I play mahjong and hearts throughout the day or just sit reading, using the valuable time that could be spent learning to make my writing better. Why does I flit from pursuit to pursuit throughout the day? Because I have the attention span of a flea and like many, many different things.
Because of this attention deficiency, all of my hobbies suffer from a lack of application. That is why I’m only moderately good at a host of different things, (you could say, Jill of all trades, master of none) instead of pretty good at one or two, including playing the piano, embroidery, cooking, needlepointing, writing, knitting, rug braiding, latch hooking, and possibly eight or ten other things.
I hope now you won’t turn away from me after finding out my deficiency in all areas of my life. I ask you to please, please, make this blog popular by clicking on the like button at the bottom of the page, forwarding a link to the blog, posting a link to it on your Facebook page and in any other way you can, promote my blog and I will be very grateful.