Arrived in the winter of 1973 as a refugee from Uganda after the military junta under General Idi Amin took power. Have been an academic-local government officer-participatory researcher on DEVELOPMENT ISSUES. Was instrumental in formulation of the London Industrial Strategy, the London Labour Plan and FAIR TRADE under the direction of ROBIN MURRY - DIRECTOR OF THE ECONOMIC POLICY GROUP AT THE GLC. Was an active member of the POPUAR PLANNING UNIT under the stewardship of SHIELLA ROWBOTTOM AND HILARY WAINWRIGHT. Was the founding partcipant at the launch of RED PEPPER. Have had to give up academic-political-social life due to the prssures of being a long term carer to elderly parents. MAMA passed away recently at the age of 100 years. Been a founding member of MARCUS GARVEY PAN-AFRIKAN UNIVERSITY based in UGANDA. Have been participating in forums that facilitate the process and praxis of 'DE-COLONIZATION OF THE MIND' as reflected in the writings and activism of the renowned KENYAN NOVELIST - AKA - NGUGI WA THIONGO. BA (HONS) economics/philosophy; MBA (International Trade and Finance). Publisher and joint researcher of 'THE RISE AND FALL OF MONEY CAPITAL, published by AFRICA IN TRADITION. Set up PIONEER AGRI-CULTURAL EXCHANGE in 1990s to promote sustainable food-systems in UGANDA.