Wales, UK.

Born 1945, Pontypridd, Wales. Happily married male autie / aspie with a daughter and two grandchildren. Qualified as Esquire of the Royal Division of the United Kingdom and Commonwealth of Nations 1960. Member of County Surveyors Society until its winding up 31 March 1997. Employed in various local government posts in England and Wales 1961-2010. Flagships - Won the design competition for transfer of the Royal Mint from London to Llantrisant - Planned and implemented its works and highways development plan - Flagship development town awarded UNESCO 'Man and Biosphere' status 2009. Retired 21 March 2010. Authored, self-published and marketed Amazon Best Selling autobiographical trilogy and compendium of life and work 2014. Write blog articles for The Huffington Post ( and broadcast in audio-video format on CNNiReport. Teach pro bono suicide avoidance and prevention by email autoresponder URL Founder, sole owner / operator, MD and CEO of the County Surveyors Society International Ltd (England and Wales registered company no 9109244). Appointed as the Ambassador for Autie / Aspie Students of US based Energime University (, of the United Nations Global Compact for Sustainable Development 2015-2030 Program Goals (