I’ve always found it interesting when surveys, questionnaires, websites, etc. ask someone to “describe a bit about you”. Do I say I love my 2 dogs with all my heart? I like hiking? No.. no. Maybe, I say something personal.. like.. I’ve suffered quite a bit throughout my life, and fought to find inner peace. That inner peace turned out to be self Love, finally; at the age of 32. (Better late than Not At All). Wait wait.. That’s way too much sharing.. TMI x 1000%. Okay, I’ve got it! I’m Adri Giac. I love learning anything and everything, but Psychology is my favorite subject to read and research. I’m fascinated by every new bit of information I learn. I write a lot as well. For fun. All in fun and enjoyment. I decided my notebooks were tired of my words so I joined this blogging site to fill it with my boring words. You know, give my notebooks a break. 😂🤣😉. If you find something interesting or would like a specific article written (preferably psychology or philosophy related but I can branch out.. like a tree 🌲) please do not hesitate to reach out. Thank you!