Chris @SeedsFromSunday

United States

Hello, I am Chris Trammell and I am committed to goodness. Goodness by people for all of the earth. I used to say 'by people, for the people, but that left out our earth, and our earth is need of desperate stewardship and saving.
I am inspired to have people shine. For me, I believe that Shine is a Universal Christ-Consciousness that we all possess within in us - In Us, Through Us, As Us, That is how God-Source-The Divine Universe works.
People want Love, Hope, Kindness, Joy, Empathy and to uplift others, and that is what my consulting agency provides. Seeds From Sunday provides an opportunity for My Team and I to help you reach your wildest, big breakthrough, inspiring, and Christ-minded goals.
contact me today if you would like to experience a life that knocks your socks off!! : )