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I'm a mother of four beautiful children my oldest daughter is 18 Sven. She's almost too smart for her own good, serious work ethic, and currently head over heels in love. My middle is 15 she's compassionate, sensitive a little moody with dreams of moving to L.A. My little son shine has a lion's heart and a soft soul he's about to turn 13. He loves playing pc and video games. My biological children have lost a biological father and stepfather so they have had to process major obstacles, but this pain has only made them wiser. I met my fiancée in the year 2015 duration of the time my late husband was hospitalized with an anoxic brain injury. Having known his family my whole life ironically my husband was like a big brother to him growing up when he was in a relationship with his older sister as childhood sweethearts. The following year we met up again. I was looking for a roommate and he needed a place to stay we were both coming out of a failed rebound relationship. We barely looked at one another the first month, but fate would have it one cold night our small talk had turned into cuddles and since that day it has been a year and half strong.
My youngest was greatly impacted by his sincere gestures as a father figure which is so rewarding as a mother who has seen great grief leave its scars in my children. My daughter's also respected his presence. I have also gained a beautiful bonus daughter she's 18 months old. I was lucky enough to be the one that brought Daddy to the hospital to meet our lovely wild girl 7 lbs of joy. Our first night altogether she was 3 weeks old and I knew from that moment on we had a little leader of the pack quite similar to my oldest also a Capricorn.
My fiancée is currently self-employed has his own Panhandle Pressure Washing business.
His father tragically passed away in a house fire in May 2017. We both know grief all too well. Making ends meet has been difficult due to therapeutic needs so it's a future investment to aspire to have this business. I'm currently in college at Georgia military college for paralegal studies, but due to my health, I have had to put it all on hold. In the meantime, I hold my dreams to advocate for the disabled, spread awareness about rare disease and anoxic brain injury, and informed choices of medicines, therapy,y, and really whatever resources I can find. I try to be a support to anyone. I have homeschooled my children this past year and found new ways to connect, guide,e, and share with them many different resources. Completely free educational information. I strive off of sharing knowledge, researching opportunities,s and helping all I can. My page formally known as herbalist by nature is called advocate by nature on Facebook with an attached group called Advocate by nature support that is set to secret so that anyone looking for any support is welcomed to join. I am also working on an online school resources page that will be packed full of free homeschool materials from pre-k to college-bound. Since I am currently using one of the similar resources for my children and homeschooling families it's set to only members right now. I plan ton utilize and share all these great resources in the future so check back with me on that.
I'm involved with thousands of other like-minded families pursuing similar goals.
So I was going to update this a bit, but I need to add most importantly that my "advocate by Nature Poetry " ebook is out on Smashwords! We are ever-changing. I have a lot of philosophical ideas, and some deeper, darker even exotic imagination I aim to share with the world in due time stay tuned.

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