Yes.. I’m in love! Deeply inlove with exotic food , untamed, uninhibited love that runs deep in my veins – and stomach for that matter.

I love everything about Food: the fragrant, irresistible aroma; the amazing, original colors and  the rich, overwhelming tastes. My fav flavour is coconut.

My love for food is not only about eating .. I enjoy cooking -a lot. I love to innovate but mostly I try to learn all the secrets and tricks from a most amazing teacher, my grand mom and my mom.
I have a theory about food, a theory that all my family shares: “the most important ingredient for any food is love”. This is probably why I cook with my heart. I can produce something out of nothing.

I know my passion for food is so obvious, I started cooking when i was 8 years old in primary school. I used to fry pancakes to take to school for my lunch . I remember how i even make pancakes of different colors using food coloring .It sometimes embarrasses me when some people can’t handle a cooking spoon. I am an extremely clean person. This is why- again- I hate eating in public. I feel like maybe the hygiene is not enough.

Food is always tempting, always! No time limit, no place, nothing can stand in the way of tasting and getting my fill of my favorite food. Exotic cuisines are my favorites. Before you touch food you must wash your hands . This is very important to me.