Ozark Mountains in Arkansas

I write books readers love to read. Started writing in 1987 seriously as a stress reliever but enjoyed it so much, I kept on writing even when not stressed.
Published my first book of the Lightning in the Tunnel series in 2011. Ten books in the series, number ten in editing.
Wrote Chronicles of the Marauder Book One, Book two and working on book three. Due out at end of 2014.
Also published my first and only mystery called Brandi's Nightmare; T.T.Gristman my time travel book and my other and original first SiFi "A Stranger Comes Crawling" sequel next year some time in 2015.
Writing is my pleasure in life now besides my lovely wife. My harshest critic and biggest supporter!
Book reviewer and blogger as well. You can find me at this site and my other as well. I have an author site at