888 N 52nd St, Phoenix, AZ 85008

Most of my days are spent working with delightful clients, staging homes, chatting with lawyers, reading over home inspection reports, viewing homes, negotiating contracts, putting an SOLD sign on a lawn or passing keys over to ecstatic new home owners.

I was born and raised in the Phoenix, AZ, USA and then moved to Asian Malaysia and sometimes at Singapore. By the time I started Phoenix Collage, I moved to the downtown core (the Annex) and really enjoyed the composed & lively 'student scene'

I've been lucky: I've lived all over this great city, Malaysia.

I have enjoyed the exaggerated pleasure of growing up in one of my favorite cities in the world: Malacca, Malaysia. Where else can you find fabulous restaurants, excessive entertainment, friendly and warm people, top quality schools, beautiful parks, cool architecture? I know ... you might be thinking of several exciting world cities, but I truly love this one, and I'm proud to work daily for my clients, helping them sell and buy Malaysia Real Estate.
Aileen A. Dixon

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