Ajay Patel

The way I see it, life is short. So short. And that’s why in the summer of 2019 I decided to scrap the idea of continuing on to university straight away to instead spend a year experiencing the world and everything in it. The thing is, I don’t know when my time might come. The world is so fragile, so volatile and sometimes you just can’t bend your way around the lightning. The world’s not fair. And it could take me. And that’s why I wanted to make sure that before I die, I lived through different cultures and explored this incredible earth as much as I could.This blog will take you on my journey of self-discovery and actualisation. I’m a big fan of philosophy and of thinking really deep about the small stuff in life, so if you’re into existential contemplation and analysing life to it’s fullest, this might just be the place for you. The way I see it, to live oblivious to the world and it’s terror would be to not live at all. A quote by Dennis Wholley – “Expecting the world to treat you fairly because you're a good person is like expecting a bull not to attack you because you're a vegetarian”. The world doesn’t care if at the end of it all, you’ve spent your entire life rotting in prison or dedicated it to volunteering in poor countries. Everyone dies and every time the world goes on and people are washed away by the perpetual force of time. To the universe, a six year old dying in a car accident is just the same as a ninety year old dying from old age. Both in the grand scheme of things, a grain of sand in an infinite earthly beach.
I’ll also be documenting my travels and letting you guys know what places are worth visiting and where perhaps your time could be better spent. As well as recommended places to visit, I’ll also be commenting on various experiences I’ll encounter throughout the year such as trekking (I’ve signed up for the Everest Base Camp trek!) and volunteering (in India) and tell you guys what I make of the experience. Half my year has gone already so I’ll also be reflecting on what I’ve done so far and the lessons I’ve learnt. For example earlier this year I went to volunteer in India and it was an amazing experience (I’ll have a whole post dedicated to it for you guys to read!)
And lastly, I’ll also use this page as a place to dispel my thoughts. A lot of the time, I let thoughts fester in my brain and get to the point where they are actually eating away at me. About a year ago I started writing, both fiction and just anything on my mind and since then I have continued strong. Now just felt like the perfect time to get those words out from my laptop and into the real world. They say your world is based on other people. And my hope is that by sharing how I view my world, I can just maybe add something to yours!