Alanzo has been writing about Scientology & AntiScientology, Cults & AntiCults, for 37 years.

Alanzo is an Ex-Scientologist who exposes the tribalism he escaped in the cult of #Scientology rising up in Anti-Scientology, and all AntiCult groups.

Out of all the lessons he learned by escaping Scientology, he learned one lesson more than any other: Never let your ideology do your thinking for you.

Alanzo thinks and writes about creating and maintaining the courage to listen to yourself - despite what those around you pressure you to think.


Alanzo was a Scientologist for 16 years.

He reached the state of “Clear” and was on staff as an Executive Director and Course Supervisor in Scientology missions in the Midwest and Los Angeles.

When Alanzo had experienced enough in Scientology to see the extent to which he had been deceived, he left and immediately began speaking out on the Internet to expose its lies and abuse. Alanzo first began speaking out against Scientology on the Internet as “Poopsy Charmichael” in the alt.religion.scientology newsgroup in the late 1990’s.

As the main Internet battleground between the Church and its critics, ARS soon became too negative and so Alanzo moved to and elsewhere on the Internet to engage with actual Scientologists, providing them with the information they needed to make an informed decision about their own involvement in Scientology. He spent many years in the early to mid 2000s presenting Scientologists with LRH's real biography & other information that the Church had been hiding from them. Alanzo saw many Scientologists "wake up" around the Internet, after finally getting the information they needed.

In January/February of 2007, Alanzo then moved to the brand new Ex-Scientologists Message Board (ESMB), where Exes were gathering to tell their stories in Scientology. From there, Alanzo witnessed the rise of Anonymous, and was in attendance when Marty Rathbun, in the summer of 2009, kicked the hornet’s nest with his announcement that he had started up his new website, and thus the great 2nd Exodus of Independents had begun.

Alanzo found more Scientologists to engage on Marty’s website in the Independent movement. Also, Alanzo spent a few years at Geir Isene’s blog, where he engaged many very intelligent and free thinking Scientologists and Exes who had retained constructive and positive views of their time in Scientology. This influenced Alanzo greatly by reminding him of things that he had conveniently forgotten about himself and his time in Scientology while becoming an “Anti-Scientology critic”.

Then, an unknown critic emerged onto the scene from the Village Voice, Tony Ortega. Alanzo posted often to the Underground Bunker and was one of its most frequently upvoted Anti-Scientology critics there.

That’s where Alanzo was exposed to more “never-in” critics of Scientology he’d seen yet on the Internet. And with its mix of the cruelty of Anonymous and the disrespect and disgust for Scientologists, Alanzo began to see tribal behavior that was very reminiscent of the worst of the Sea Org. When Tony Ortega repeatedly went after a woman, a Scientologist whose daughter had committed suicide, he saw the cruelty that all those anti-Scientologsts whipped up in each other. This caused Alanzo to have yet another turning point.

He realized that the deeper he became involved in the Anti-Cult/Anti-Scientology Movement, the more he began to notice very similar tribal behavior to the most fanatical of Scientologists. Alanzo saw a rise of some of the same tribalism from Anti-Scientologists that he was trying to escape by getting himself out of Scientology.

It was like being stuck in a nightmare, and after finally wrenching yourself awake, you’re relieved to have escaped that nightmare – only to realize that the nightmare is still going on! ☺

That’s when Alanzo began applying the same critical thinking skills to the underlying beliefs of Anti-Scientology that he had earlier applied to Scientology. And that’s when his anti-Scientology mindset collapsed on Alanzo, just like his Scientology mindset had collapsed on him so long ago.

And this is where Alanzo is today – he writes a top Scientology blog applying basic skepticism to both Scientology and anti-Scientology beliefs. He has come to realize that this position of skepticism toward both Scientology & Anti-Scientology is the only sustainable view.

Alanzo’s experience of the previous 18 years has led him to conclude that, as long as you continue to think critically and you remain loyal to the truth instead of any person or group, getting out of a ‘cult’ is not something that you recover from, it is something that you are strengthened by.

Alanzo’s purpose is to provide the information necessary for people to make informed decisions about Cults and Anti-Cults, Scientology & Anti-Scientology.

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