I am a PROUD PATRIOTIC CANADIAN, tho not a Trudeau Canadian) and a PROUD ALBERTAN (NOT an NDP Albertan).
I believe in FREE SPEECH and the end of 'Political Correctness' and believe the loss of that right is likely the most dangerous loss of all.
I have a lot of opinions, most are unpopular to regressive leftists, SJW's, 3rd wave feminists and those who do not deal in reality, truths and common sense. I believe the above groups of people follow a very dangerous postmodern idea of the world that will lead to the destruction of all we hold sacred.

My opinions are MY opinions and I try to come to them after much thought and consideration and after looking at all sides of an issue.
I am provocative in views and subjects and I don't pull punches. I often tell and use caps and have decided if people dont like the emotion I use in my comments, they are welcome to move on.
I am not afraid of being wrong and if I am shown EVIDENCE that leads me to change that opinion, I have no problem doing that.
I believe it is extremely important for all sides of issues to talk out those issues, not just take to comfortable groups who share your opinions. That is a safe way to be in the world, but it solves nothing.
Life, wisdom and progression is about learning new things, broadening ones views, and the ability to changes ones mind to support more meaningful truths.
My comments are mostly about current stories in the news... some are rants, some are opinion pieces, some are just observations, whatever I choose to write about however will likely be full of 'triggers' so if you are easily offended, DO NOT READ my page.
If however you can accept other points of view from an everyday, ordinary, non professional writer .. then welcome to my thoughts.