I am a special education teacher for my local High School College and Technical Center. I am married to a wonderful man that allows me to follow my passions in life. I also have 2 boys and one bonus child. We also have a heavenly baby girl that watches over us. I have many interests in life. I am a mother, a special education teacher, a wife, but also want to help counsel people through being a life coach. I find it very easy to talk to people, and want to use that to help others the best that I can. I have become a certified life coach, and would love to coach/mentor people with some of their biggest challenges in life. I am also a certified travel agent. I can book cruises, condos, excursions, air fare, and car rentals! I am telling you...I love to dabble in lots of things. I am excited to share this new part of my dabblings with you on here!