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Bothell, Wa

Hello and thank you for visiting the official Allshouse Designs Gravatar page. Yes, I appreciate it and hope you gain some knowledge from what I have to offer you. What is that? Well, check out my blog that is posted on this page. You never know, you might like a post or two. It would be really great if you left me with a comment to ponder over. Anyway, on with my blurb about me. I started playing around with the internet during college around 1999. The first project that I helped launched was an online Compact Disc distribution company called, “Green Fridge Records” Green Fridge Records’ mission was to distribute album from independent musicians from around the globe. The launch was successful, however my business partner ran into family issues and the business was closed shortly after it was launched. I then quickly switched gears and launched a music web zine called, Blank Face Records. Blank Face Records show cased musicians but mainly Seattle musicians. I used the business to promote and book band’s events in the Seattle area till mid 2000s. Blank Face Records also released a compilation album full of the artists that I worked with. With much success, I decided to move on with other goals until I created Allshouse Designs. Allshouse Designs is a marketing agency that promotes small business through digital platforms. I got the urge to wright about what the business is about and to give marketing and website design tips. So please check it out by clicking on the website that I attached to this profile. I hope to see you on the web somewhere.

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