With me, you'll often get to a point where you can't wait to get to the end of what's being said. This blog is, probably, going to be the same too.

I find that much of what needs to be said has, actually, been said already.

Except for those rare individuals who speak direct from the heart.

You know, when you automatically get it because its really heart felt.

So, here I am going to make space and hold ground for those who reach me.

I will, in the mean time, share one or two ramblings to fill the space.

I am very ordinary. Except for the fact that I can fail at everything quite successfully and spectacularly. And, when a bit confused or overwhelmed I have a propensity to always want to take left turnings.

Living to tell the tale is what this blog is s is about. For me and those I meet along the way.

So far, I am completely taken by Yolanda-My Private War, Colours of Madness, Snow Cone Diaries, Real&Raw, and Writing Feels Good. More recently, I am taken by Anam Gour and Kamala Belagur, each writing in their mother tongue and so beautifully so. And, I am in appreciation of disturbedByVoices for the clever presentations of music and art I had never heard of before but which brought echoes to fondly remembered times and people, not an easy thing to do. So, thank you disturbedbyVoices. I am, though, missing ColoursofMadness her silence worries me a bit.....

And, when WordPress finally get my account sorted they and others will show up on my page. So far I have no idea how many sites I have. But anything with my photo in it is me. There is some stuff on alecfraher. too.