If I were to briefly tell you about me, I would say that I am an artistic woman who loves Jesus, seeks truth, and share what I believe is truth. I was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome at the age of 2. It is now considered a part of the Autism spectrum. My blog also shows much about who I am. I think telling you the purpose of my blog will give you a greater idea of who I am. My blog posts are not only about what it's like having Autism and my various views on it. Some blog posts will also be about my views on things like writing, art, politics, spiritual topics, and other stuff. The purpose of writing about things other than autism is to show NTs what the various perspectives of one autistic person can be. Not all autistic people share the same perspectives. Some are liberal; some are conservative. Some want a cure; many do not want a cure. Some have friends; some have no friends. Some are straight; some are gay. Some are mean; some are kind. You will learn a lot about me through my blogs posts if you read them. One last thing: the reason why I call my blog Alex's Autism Array Blog is because I am part of the array of Autism. Not every autistic person is the same. I am an example of that, and this blog acknowledges the array. I am not just artistic, have a spiritual personality, and love to learn. I am also a human being that has views that can be both the same and different from another autistic person's views.