Alexa Wayne

Hi! I’m A. Wayne aka The OCD Vampire, no one important. Haha! I just felt like it’d be nice for people who read this or follow this awesome magazine, Gothic Bite Magazine, to know my name.

I’m just a normal author who enjoys dark things either it’s paranormal or science fiction. However, what I love most is vampire stories! I’m the CEO of Gothic Bite Magazine — no fashion there! All legends, folklores, hauntings and more! Also, I decided that it was time for me to have my author website because, well, I’m now officially published eight times and my paranormal/horror series, The Impaler Series, is just around the corner!

So, yes, I do love paranormal, and horror mixed. I like it when strange things happen, and no one can explain how or why. I have strange experiences of my own which to this day I cannot explain and wonder if some of those things happened to me because I’ve always had an open mind?

When I write, I try to involve some of my life within it so that it feels more real to those who read. I add my own experiences and try to be as accurate as possible to how I would feel in a world that is sometimes to grey for my taste.

So I write and create stories and characters and think about what I like the most, what I fear and what I despise. I create worlds filled with adventures that sometimes, most of the time, lead to horror.

The OCD Vampire
Alexa Wayne