Alex Smithson

Strongly passionate about photography, technology, including designing logos and covers for the books and articles I write.

Former Croydon College student.

I am currently experimenting further with my photography skills as I aim to become a full-time photographer, whilst aiming to get my work noticed. I always aim to work harder by going the extra mile to get the best out of every fantastic opportunity that comes my way.

I am raising awareness for Mental Health by making sure to provide help and support to those who need it, and the 'Mental Health Organisations' page aims to help anyone suffering from Mental Health or any other conditions that may or may not connect to Mental Health, with contact sources and telephone numbers that will provide anyone suffering from any condition connected or not connected to Mental Health a lifeline.

I recently worked with and photographed the famous actor and mental health awareness ambassador for Time to Change, Oli Regan.

I was featured on Page 6 of the 11th August 2017 edition of the Croydon Advertiser following two articles that were published on the Croydon Advertiser's website on Monday 7th July 2017 & Tuesday 8th July 2017, after the beautifully exquisite Tears Dry On Their Own mural, produced by Bareface, was defaced beyond recognition, which I photographed weeks before in its finished and immaculate glory.

I am hard-working and consistent. If I come across a problem, I work around and solve it by confronting the problem head-on. I always show full commitment, respect, equality and diversity to everyone and always aim to work to the best of my ability. I love the thought of going the extra mile to really get the best out of what I can produce.

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