Hi... I'm Alienhippy,
I write about my journey through life, the ups and the downs.
I love painting, writing poetry and sharing what I live.
I am an adult with Aspergers Syndrome/Dyslexia and mild ADHD.
I lived unaware of this until my daughter started school and problems she experienced were memories of my childhood.

My daughter has a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
Dyspraxia and Sensory Integration Dysfunction.
Also my Dad is now diagnosed with Autism…so I think I can quite happily sit somewhere in the middle of the huge spectrum we call Autism. I say happily because for the first time in my life things are now making sense. The pieces of the jig-saw are starting to come together.
I am also a Christian and I love to share how God helps me to be me!
Love and hugs. xx :)