Ally Markotich

Southeast USA

Ally Markotich is passionate about art as spiritual practice and finding ordinary life sacred. She’s an artist, writer and Intentional Creativity® teacher. For over a decade, Ally has traveled a rich road of spiritual ahas. Along the way, her eyes have fallen on the divide, where hypocrisy seeps and anger robs the moment of love. She’s longed to heal this divide in herself and in the world. A turning point occurred when she took coursework in Spiritual Formation through Columbia Theological Seminary (GA) which reconnected her to Celtic wisdom and the gifts of ritual and practice. During this period, she was challenged by a friend to consider her art as prayer. This felt provocative. She sat down with watercolors, colored pencils and a sketchbook. Poetry poured. Color flowed. Her inner kindling set aglow. From this point forward, she continued to make room for silence and creativity. Her exploration of spirituality through color and word led Ally to find artist, Shiloh Sophia. When she discovered she could delve deeper and learn an intentional process to guide others to work with their stories to heal and uncover personal gleanings with inquiry, paint and glitter through Shiloh's Color of Woman School, Ally jumped on board. In November 2018, Ally received certification as an Intentional Creativity® teacher with Shiloh Sophia’s Color of Woman School.

Ally’s art, word and workshop offerings are fueled by where she sees healing is needed. Reviving creativity, self-nurture, living your passion, honoring the sacred feminine and celebration (over competition) are a few of her favorite spark points for her work. She loves encouraging young and old to take time for creative practice, to notice beauty and to listen intently and respond to their inner compass. Ally’s husband, two sons and yellow lab help keep her grounded to live life (rather messily) with grace, compassion and humor.

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