I was born in a place where mountains touch the sky, animals roam the open plains and athletes are born, it’s called Kenya. I’m a wacky free spirit. I have a wealth of experience riding super tubes and roller coasters. I hold the record for buying the cheapest T-shirt and I can quote Psalm 1 word for word. I long to travel more and maybe go on a sea voyage. I love my furry friends and at the moment I am the proud owner of an abandoned cat who frequently gives me the cold shoulder. I love talking about magic, faraway galaxies, music, conspiracy theories and things of depth. I love reading books and blogs but never books like “War and Peace”! I have worn a wig, fetched my son from a night club at 2am in my slippers, eaten sushi, swum in the Indian ocean, lost at 10 pin bowling, met Thabo Mbeke and seen Prince Charles from a distance. I am an unknown introvert who loves drinking coffee with friends and talking about hidden fears, childhood memories, human flaws and emotional things. I hate superficial small talk. I love sci-fi movies and movies that make me think. I have worked in a bank, at a church and for a vet. I love to have fun.